Plan Your Move

Hawaii Moving Pros is here to help. We want to make sure that you have a successful and stress free move. Our top rated partners go above and beyond to ensure that your Hawaii shipping experience is outstanding. There is no better way to book your move than through the trusted experts of Hawaii Moving Pros.

It’s never too early to start planning your Hawaii move. Allow the experts at Hawaii Moving Pros to help guide you through the process. Being prepared for your move is an important step to having a successful outcome.

Where shall we start? Here are a few questions to get you started: 

Are you moving to Hawaii?

Are you moving from Hawaii?

Are you relocating a business?

Packing Tips

We have plenty of helpful packing tips that are sure to make your move a breeze. There is nothing better than having professional advice to guide you through a move. Use this information to make relocating easier. 

  • • Pack in order of least important items first, to most important items last.
  • • If you are moving to Hawaii pack light. Try to only bring what you need; leave winter wear behind.
  • • Evaluate the worth of your goods. If your item will cost more to ship than it’s worth consider leaving it behind, unless it has sentimental value.
  • • Label all of your boxes with the rooms they came from, such as kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, and so on. You can also attach a concise or detailed inventory on the box.
  • • Make sure to provide enough protection for all fragile items using wrapping, foam, bubble wrap, peanuts, and so on to ensure safety. And don’t forget to write in large, legible letters, “FRAGILE.”
  • • Try packing by room to make the packing experience easier on yourself.
  • • Take your time packing, you don’t need to get it all done in one day; frequent breaks are almost necessary with such a task.


Moving Tips and Tricks

Relocating long distance can get a bit complicated; the excitement of moving to a new place, yet the burden of planning and carrying out a move. During this process a lot can happen, and sometimes a little help can relieve some of the stress. No matter if you have never moved or if this is your fifth time, everyone can use a little extra help now and then. Hawaii Moving Pros are here for you. We have created this page to provide you with useful moving tips and tricks in hopes of making your move more enjoyable. Hawaii Moving Pros, we take the hassles out of planning your move. 

  • • Book with your moving company at least 3 to 4 weeks before your expected move out day. This will allow for ample packing time.
  • • Try to move in the off months for cheaper rates and easier booking. This is typically during the winter months.
  • • Cone off an area of 3 car lengths as close to your house as possible. This will make it easier to load the moving truck.


If you’re ready to start planning let’s move on to the next step. Get your free quotes here and Hawaii Moving Pros will pair you with a top rated Hawaii mover.