Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some lingering questions after checking out HIMoving’s services, not a problem. Read our FAQ page for the answers you seek. If you still can’t find the answers you’re looking for after reading this page, feel free to call a HIMoving representative. They hold all the knowledge about HIMoving you could ever ask for.

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    When should I book my move with HIMoving?

    Ideally you should book your move at least 3 to 4 weeks before your planned move out date.

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    How long will it take my stuff to reach Hawaii from the mainland?

    Your personal belongings may take up to 3 to 4 weeks to reach Hawaii from the mainland; but they may arrive sooner than this.

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    How will my belongings be shipped to Hawaii?

    Your items will most likely travel in comfort to Hawaii by a top-quality vessel.

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    Can HIMoving ship my car?

    Yes. HIMoving’s top companies provide superb vehicle shipping services.

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    Will I need to be home on move out day?

    It is highly recommended that you are present at the time of move out. That way you can answer any questions/address concerns our movers may have, as well as oversee your move.

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    Can HIMoving pack for me?

    Yes. HIMoving’s top companies offer packing services that you’ll love.

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    What kind of information will my HIMoving representative need from me?

    In order to provide you with the most accurate moving rate you should provide your HIMoving representative with a complete and accurate inventory of what you wish to move; it is helpful to include dimensions as well.

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    Who will handle my move?

    Hawaii Moving Pros will professionally handle your move.


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